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Andys Animated Cursors ~ Just The Best Free Cursors !
Just The Best Animated Free Cursors On The Internet !
Hi and welcome to Andys Animated Cursors
Here you will find simply kinky boots tickets the biggest and the best totally free collection of Animated Cursors (Mouse Pointers) for 'Windows' on the Internet. Including all cursors duplicated for 'Lefties' !!

( NO Software / Program downloads and or Installs are required for my Cursors ! )

Make your PC a pippin tickets fun place to work, replace that dull boring default Arrow 'Mouse Pointer' with an exciting Animated one. There are thousands of fun Cursors to choose from in various different categories that are all really easy, safe and fast to replace, anyone can do it !

Have a look around and enjoy the seo web hosting site, there's an Animated Free Cursor here for everyone.
Hi and Welcome to 'Andys Animated Cursors'
Please note, this is a 'pop up' 'spyware' and 'Virus' free site GUARANTEED. All downloads are perfectly safe and do NOT come bundled with any advertising software or other nasties like lots of other sites.The only thing you will be downloading is a single '.ani' (Windows animated cursor) file.
Conditions of using my Free Cursors !
How to replace your Free Animated Mouse Pointer / Free Cursor
The fun part !
Firstly download your chosen Animated seo london Cursor by clicking on the image ('Lefties' should click on the 'L') and waiting for the download dialogue box to appear (You can also right click and select 'Save target as', do NOT choose 'Save picture as' because that is not a '.ani' file !) Once the box NFL Playoffs tickets has appeared select 'Save' and choose a location on your PC (Don't forget where !).

( ALL Free Cursors are 'zipped' so you will need to extract the '.ani' file first ! Confused ?  Then click HERE )

Go to 'Control Panel' (Start/Control Panel) then click 'Printers and other hardware' (Category view) then click 'Mouse' then choose the 'Pointers' Tab at the top. Under 'Customize' make sure the 'Nomal Select' is highlighted out site and then click on the 'Browse' button. Find the location that you downloaded your Cursor to and then double click on it. Your Cursor is now loaded but needs saving, click on 'Save As' then give your 'scheme' a name (ie.. Andys Pointers) and finally click OK.

( If you would like to download the 'Installation' Instructions then click HERE )

The preview window in the Mouse pointer settings often displays the Animated Cursor at a much slower speed than it actually is, so make sure you try it out before thinking it's too slow !!
On Windows 98 and before there is quite often a lot of VERY annoying 'flickering' on Animated Mouse pointers (Also maybe on any old slow CPU's). This is NOT a problem with my Cursors but the operating system itself. If you get it badly maybe trying another will help, some have a lot fewer frames in them.
If you ever change the location of your Cursor (Or delete it) when you re boot your PC it will have reverted back to the standard OS pointer, also you will then receive an error message when opening up the 'Mouse' settings again. It's no problem just re follow the procedure above !

Also the Cursors do tend to look better 'on' your Mouse rather than looking at the preview.. Just try one !
All of my Animated Cursors are totally free to download and use .
You are NOT though authorised under any conditions what so ever to have any of these Cursors/and or images on your own website, except when used as a page Cursor ( A Link back to me would be appreciated ) or to sell / re distribute them. Also please do NOT direct link to individual Cursors, it's not helpful to anyone !
Every single Free Cursor on this site was made by myself using readily available Freeware Gif Animations. I therefore own the rights to the entire collection. If you have seen a Cursor that is one of your own Animations that is NOT Freeware and would like it removed then please contact me.
Also If you see any of my Cursors at any other site I would greatly appreciate an email with the website link, many thanks.
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Copyright Andys Animated Cursors 2009
I Hope you enjoy your new Cursor !
Opened on August 24th 2006
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